october fanart contest: iconic viggo

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Prize Winners:

Tinuviel Ashenmote


Fileg Gilraen Ilona Whitewizzy
Ashenmote Marlene Moralanqua Moralanqua

Rules: (Note that the contest is closed)

  1. Entries must be useable as a Livejournal icon. That means:
    • File size must be less than 40k

    • Image dimensions must be no larger than 100x100 pixels

    • File format must be either PNG, GIF or JPG

  2. Entries must include one or more images of Viggo from sagralisse.mediawood.net. Any image of Viggo used in the icon must come from sagralisse.mediawood.net. You may include images such as backgrounds and textures from other sources, but entries will be judged on the effective use of images from my site.

  3. Entries may include any of the pre-made icon bases from sagralisse.mediawood.net. Please don't just enter one of the bases, though. At least add some text or something, sheesh.

  4. In order to be eligible to win a prize, entries must be safe for work (no nudity).

  5. Entries should be mailed to sagralisse@aol.com during the month of October, 2004. Please include all the info on this form.

  6. After completion of the contest, all eligible entries will be posted on sagralisse.mediawood.net. Entries that don't meet the eligibility requirements due to size or nudity may also be posted.


The site owner (that's me, Sagralisse) will be doing the judging. I'm looking for overall aesthetic appeal and creative/effective use of images from my site.

If you include text, I'll be looking for something that reflects Viggo's personality or the personality of one of his characters. An icon that declares that he's hot and sexy is not likely to win, since that's obvious without the text. An icon with unreadable text is also unlikely to win.

For animated icons, I'll be looking for an effective use of the animation. If the frames have text, they should be paced slow enough to allow the text to be read. A jumpy, hyperactive icon is not likely to win.


The contest winner will get to choose either a copy of Pandemoniumfromamerica or an autographed photo of Viggo (with certificate of authenticity). I will ship worldwide.

If there are a large number of contestants, two prizes may be awarded.

The winner must provide a shipping address upon request in order to receive a prize. If the winner decides not to provide an address, the prize may be awarded to one of the runners-up.

Any winner under the age of 18 must have a parent's permission to receive a prize.


Email sagralisse@aol.com or post a comment in my journal.