october fanart contest: iconic viggo

Entry Form:

Please include the following info with your entry.

  1. Your name (first name or nickname):

  2. Where did you get the images used in the icon? Link or description (i.e. sagralisse's Perfect Murder page, image #15.)

    • Image 1:

    • Image 2:

    • Image 3:

    • Image 4:

  3. If your icon includes a quote, what was the quote from?

  4. Permission to use entry (check one):
    __ I give Sagralisse permission to post my icon on her site.
    __ Please post only if my entry is a winner.

  5. Your age (check one):
    __ Under 18.
    __ 18+.

  6. Prize (check one):
    __ I would like to be eligible for a prize! I will provide a shipping address if I win.
    __ I'd rather not provide personal information. If I win, please send the prize to a runner-up.
    __ I'm not sure. Ask me again if I win.